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Your Pet, Your Pill ®: 101 Inspirational Stories About How Pets Lead You to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life

is an award-winning positive, motivational and inspirational book that will impact the way we look at pets. All pets (dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, birds) can lead you to your path to HSH - Happiness, Success and Health. Filled with stories of how pets have helped people overcome emotional and physical challenges, the book demonstrates how pets have the ability to transform our lives, by making them better and more enriched.

Your Pet, Your Pill is broken up into three distinct parts, Part 1 (Pets and happiness), Part 2 (Pets and health) and Part 3 (Pets and success).

The book also demonstrates how our pets can help us to find ourselves again. We can improve ourselves tremendously when we look at pets as our guide, help, support and idol. Their unconditional love and incredible joy of being present in the moment are the foundation for our lives and our relationship with others. Pets can heal us so deeply that they are our best medicines for love, for laughter, for happiness, for joy, for health, and for success.


Your Pet, Your Pill Workbook ® : A Self-Discovery Guide About How Pets Lead You to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life

is another part of the Your Pet, Your Pill ® series. It complements the Your Pet, Your Pill ® : 101 Inspirational Stories About How Pets Can Lead You to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life . This workbook provides you with a clear structured approach to review your life and find out where pets helped you in your life and where they could help you even more.

What People Are Saying:

What an amazing book! The stories are so touching. I never knew what our pets can do for us. Now I look at them and appreciate them so much more! I loved especially the story of Shams, Shams and Sweetie. And the other beautiful stories. The quotes at the end of each chapter are so inspiring. Go and buy this book! It the best book you will ever get and it's a great gift!, Amer Abu Aabed

Fabulous and amazing collection of stories and very heart touching ones. It gripped me and I kept turning pages. A lovely book, which can change your perception, I must say. Some of them are emotionally touching and brings out the strong bond between you and your pet. I loved Shams & Sweetie in the story, and it is indeed very inspiring. Dr. Margit proves to be immensely talented at demonstrating how pets have the ability to transform our lives. It’s a kind of must-read book I can say., Kishore Kumar

This book just makes me happy. Must read, Alexander Kusrini

My son purchased this book for me as a gift. I was skeptical at first, but once I opened the cover, Your Pet Your Pill immediately became my nightly favorite. Everyone will find their own meaning to the beautiful stories shared in this book. For me, it was peace and comfort. That's probably why the book is still sitting next to my bed! I had to pause reading Your Pet Your Pill several times, as the stories left my mind dancing with memories and thankfulness for my own "pill"! My Honey, my rescue dog, was by my side through every page of the book. Of course, Honey is always by my side, and that's precisely one of the beautiful reminders I felt from the book. My Honey rescued me just as much as I did her, and it was so comforting (and fun sometimes!) to page through similar stories from around the world. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one, or a gift for yourself, Your Pet Your Pill is exactly what the doctor ordered., Amazon Customer

After reading this book I bought 2 copies for friends of mine. The stories are inspirational and you can unpack even more than just learning about the benefits of pets (of all types). The book causes you to think deeper, reflect about yourself...And if you want more, Dr Margit also takes it to another level with her personal coaching services which are amazing., katgirl

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